Tshirt Printing

Tshirt Printing

T-shirt printing business is growing from time to time and seems to have become a trend in the society.

Even getting a high demand from customers. Printing company also makes t-shirt printing as one of the main product because it is increasingly in demand in the market.

Therefore, we are also proud to state that Dprint.my also provides T-shirt printing as one of our product markets because we believe that many of our customers use T-shirt as a promotional medium and so on.

What kind of Printing that we use?


This method uses a special heating machine to transfer the printed image of normal printer ink and transferred to a special t-shirt.


A printing technique that uses silk screening (mesh) as its primary medium. This method is more complicated than the method Heat Press. Work on the preparation of mesh, block, color and quite complicated equipment before the printing process is performed.

Direct To Garment (DTG)

Tools specific digital printer for printing images on T-shirts. DTG printing machine is similar to a regular printer but differs in the surface because the surface is flat DTG printing machine.

What is most important to be aware of?

  • Know the objective of using t-shirts to be printed. Service? Marketing? Activities? Society? Appreciation?
  • Whether the printing position on the front? Back? or side? If you want to print the three position, the printing costs will be higher.
  • Make sure the t-shirts to be printed was able to attract the attention of the people.
  • Make sure the design is simple and easy to be read by others.
  • Use appropriate words and convincing.
  • Where to print a T-shirt.

Why should you choose Printing T-shirts from us?

Because we are able to answer any of your questions as stated above. We also provide services to design T-shirt for you, according to your dream.

So, wait no more, realize your dreams with us, Dprint.my. Contact us for more information at 016-777 6637 Whatsapp/Call/SMS