Stage Backdrop

Digital printing currently gaining high demand in society. Advanced in technology has also been able to produce large-sized media for a variety of uses. One of the large-size digital printing that is in high demand in the community is the stage backdrop.

“Backdrop mean the stage background, backdrop, or the occurrence of a condition according to”

Stage backdrop made of vinyl or wallpaper. Howevers, Vinyl is often used because of the nature of the material is wide and it’s printing method which is easier and faster installation process.

Why should you Choose Our Service?

  • We have expertise in the design stage and backdrop for our customers at the same time also provide installation services.
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  • We can produce stage backdrops of various sizes.
  • We also provide rental services for the spotlight to your stage backdrop.

What are the benefits Stage Backdrop?

  • Efficiently deliver the message to the public and promote a product.
  • Efforts to strengthen and promote the product can be implemented.
  • Exciters to an event.
  • Relay order, warning, direction (signage) or sharing.
  • An important element in the documentation.

Therefore, the use of a stage backdrop in events or official functions has become one of the requirements that must be present in the event. This proves that the stage backdrop of increasingly high demand since lately.

If you or your company require a designer to design a stage backdrop, we appear with a touch of a highly professional and satisfaction guarantee from our customer is our pride.

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