Flyer Printing

We at has expertise in offset printing services based on the quantity demanded by our customers.

If your company needs a high quality flyer printing or cheaper printing costs, we offer a very affordable price with your request. printing products also guarantee that you’ll get the product faster.

‘Flyer is a sheet of paper advertising aimed at wider distribution. Flyer printing must be by fullcolour techniques for better quality. A good flyer was able to attract the attention of customers easily.’

Therefore, based on the above statement, our designers are able to provide appropriate design  to the needs of our clients.

Among the Advantages of Printing that we offer are :

  • Flyer of various sizes that is A5, A4 and A3
  • Consists of various thickness variation that is 80gsm, 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm, 260gsm.
  • The price is cheap and good quality
  • Can print a small and big amounts of product
  • Proven effectiveness as a sales assistant to customers
  • Applications of logo, illustration and creative colors
  • Expertise in the infographic designer
  • Understand the needs of the customer in the marketing world

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