Display Standees

Display standees are marketing tools that are proven to be effective in getting the attention of customers with respect to products or services, whether it’s explicit views, event or physical product. Sometimes also known as display standees FSDU or Free Standing Display Units and generally printed on one side only.

‘Display standees may actually act as a point of sale in a market.’

Are you looking for display standees?

You are on the right track! Dprint.my is one of the printing company that specializes in printing Standees. In this case, we always ensure the best quality and satisfaction of our customer is our top priority.

With our services, you are able to obtain a different Standees for your needs.

  • To signpost
  • To command or prohibition
  • To exhibit
  • To persuade customers ‘walk-in’ in a shop
  • To welcome
  • To campaign
  • For props party or event etc

Among the advantages of using the Display Standees is:

  • Effective in many tempting target customers.
  • Helps indirectly during an exhibition or an event.
  • Serves as office decoration or office decor.
  • Themes in a party.
  • Strong and lightweight makes it easy to store when not in use

Therefore, if you need a display standees, please contact us immediately for a quick response at 016-777 6637 Whatsapp/Call/SMS.