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Super Fast Printing is a printing company located in Kota Kinabalu Sabah that quality printing services as well as creatively and quickly to you.

We provide printing services Offset Printing, Digital Printing like Wedding Cards, Flyers, Business Card, Booklet, Brochure and more. We also provide a large-sized printing, better known as Inkjet Printing.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the latest printing methods for good quality .Percetakan this type is suitable for a lot of reservations because of low prices in addition to the quality of the products we produce tinggi.Antara for printing via this method

  • Kad kahwin
  • Business Kad
  • Booklet
  • Brochure
  • Letter Head
  • Corporate Folder
  • Annual report
  • Megazine
  • Produk Catalog
  • Newsletter

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing also known as printing ink printer is using a large-sized machine. The machine for printing using inkjet printing method is capable of printing large size and produces high-quality print quality. Among the products that we produce using this method are:

  • Banner
  • Bunting
  • Signage
  • Backdrop
  • Poster atau Sticker  berskala besar
  • Signboard

Custom Tshirt Printing

We provide printing services clothing (Custom Printing T-shirt). A wide variety of clothes available as round neck, collar neck, jersey, and many more. For printing, we use the method Silk Screen Printing, Heat Press, and DTG. Quality is produced is very strong and not easily removable when the washing.

Why choose is a printing company that provides creative printing services and quality as well as fast to you. We are proud to state that the products we produce will provide up to 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your problem is our opportunity. This means that we’re able to solve your problem by giving the best possible service. Your satisfaction is our pride.

We are printing company that operate in local but is able to compete globally.Our graphic designers can produce a product designer with international standing.Certainly, the printing products that will be produced will be designed professionally. as a Printing company can help you promote the business efficiently. Do you need booklet? Banner? Signboard? Business Cards and other products? Need a fast response? Please contact us immediately.


We from company can help you in your business advertise campaign. Every business wants to be success not only in terms of operational and financial, but approach in promoting business is also one of the important elements. However, without the right strategy, business success can’t be achieved easily. Furthermore, we provide the correct flatform to advertising your business. provides printing services flyer that can be propagated easily with inexpensive cost. Similarly, product advertising such as banners, bunting, and other products.

Business online or online marketing also provided to our customers. Online marketing is one of the effective approach in business.

Business promotion online is a technique used by businesses to reach customers in international.

Just starting your business? We can help you professionally. In starting a business, assistance from a professional is very important (get professional help) to promote business. Get started with working with suppliers that professional (partner with the right provider).

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is a strong emotion that affecting customer or buyer. It is also causes anyone who sees something great graphic design gives positive perception.

If the customer interested in the design certainly they will selecting and subsequently purchased the product. In short, a great graphic design is able to influence the emotions of customers.

Therefore we from proud to inform you that the graphic design services from our company are very effective in terms of cost and professionalism. Contact us now for your printing needs. We recommend that you provide a unique and creative design to your products and services before you advertise it. We’re able to realize your dreams.


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